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Shayla Simmons

USC Upstate
Class of 2018

Coming from a busy city to the quaint city of Spartanburg was quite the transition.

As a student, internships were an awesome part of my college experience. Not only did my internships teach me the skills I needed to succeed in my chosen career path, but they pushed me to become involved in my community. Interning at two non-profits allowed me to see Spartanburg in a greater light. This city is growing and has so much to offer. I was introduced to many local businesses in the area, that became my favorite places to eat and hangout. I became aware of organizations such as Spartanburg Young Professionals, whose mission is to develop young professionals and create social environments to network.

It isn’t all work here either. Spartanburg has local events and festivals all year long to offer just the right amount of fun. From the Arts to recreational outdoors, Spartanburg has all there is to offer.

Becoming involved in my community framed my college experience. My experience became greater than campus life as I volunteered as a GED tutor, went to networking socials, and contributed to the vision of Spartanburg through my internships. I can now resonate with the phrase “There’s only one.” Spartanburg is truly the perfect place to live, work and play.


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Olivia Haas

Converse College
Class of 2018


I came to Spartanburg almost four years ago to attend Converse College and have been BLOWN AWAY and inspired by the community efforts to grow and develop this sparkling city (pun intended) into a thriving hub for all of its residents and visitors.

The amazing community members that rise to work together to create a shared, inclusive vision of Spartanburg's future have made me proud to study, grow and live in tandem with the Spartanburg community.  I know that Spartanburg will only continue to burst with innovation.  


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Spartanburg Community College
Class of 2019

Spartanburg has been my home since 1995.

During an internship at the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce, my eyes were opened to the active people in my community who were looking to change Spartanburg for the better.

I started to attend community events that allowed me to see the growth and momentum here. It became clear that Spartanburg has the potential to be the next up and coming city.

This also allowed me to network and create relationships with the right people at the right time. My internship and new connections opened a door for me to become an associate of one of Spartanburg's brand new hotels. The AC Hotel Spartanburg has become a staple of Downtown. Being a part of this exciting new establishment has sparked conversations that I never thought I would have had in my life. The role I take on is known as the 'Reception Team.' I certainly enjoy being the Director of First Impressions!


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Dr. Sam

Sherman Chiropractic
Class of 2018

Having spent four years in Spartanburg acquiring my Doctorate of Chiropractic at Sherman College, this city holds a special place in my memory.

Not only was I able to grow academically but socially as well. The local Spartanburg Toastmasters group located in downtown was a major outlet for me as an up and coming professional.

For those prospective students out there, Spartanburg is the college town that provided me with the ideal environment to grow and thrive as I achieved success both inside and outside of the classroom.