Concept Packaging Group - EHS Internship (Environment, Health, Safety)

Employer Name:
Concept Packaging Group


Type of Position: Internship

Position Title:
EHS Assistant


Position Location: Spartanburg, SC

Application Deadline: Friday, May 16, 2019

The Intern will work directly with the EHS Director and various other employees to develop written machine specific lockout tagout procedures. Once the Intern has observed the day-to-day operations of various machines throughout the manufacturing environment, the Intern will photograph, write descriptions, and design instructional displays for various machines throughout the manufacturing process.

Position Qualifications:
The candidate must be independent, organized, creative, and an excellent listener. The candidate must be skilled in the use of technology to process information gained from the employees and from personal visual experience in order to create pictorial/written procedures for the various machines. The candidate must also be willing and able to work in a manufacturing environment that requires wearing specific Personal Protective Equipment.

How to apply:
Please submit a resume to